Samara Real Estate

Sandy white beaches, shallow, gentle, blue, calm waters make this area one of the best beaches in Costa Rica. Coral reefs rest below the waters for exploration, and a picturesque island is just off the shores. This charming beach resort town offers a wide selection of attractive hotels, restaurants, bars and discos. The area is also a thriving fishing and agricultural community. Local cowboys and cattle drives also part of the community.

Famous for its pristine beach and celebrity resident, Mel Gibson, Samara remains one of Costa Rica's hidden treasures. Just off the beaten track, you can hike up to the hidden beaches of north Samara or take in the diverse wildlife and exotic plants or ancient Indian sites, or explore the sea's caves and coral reefs or by land the beach and mountain trails. The area is plentiful in organic farming, exotic fruits, tree nurseries and reforestation projects. There are also cowboys and cattle drives throughout the area.

While it's a town with an abundance of excellent hotels, it's a relaxed atmosphere that welcomes the barefoot beach dweller. Here foreign families and Ticos vacation together enjoying the relaxed atmosphere in an area that is moderately developed and preserves the native charm of Costa Rica and its natural environment. When not exploring under the sea or through the mountains, you can take a guitar, spanish or dancing lesson or enjoy a long massage. There is also a local gallery not to be missed, Samara Art Gallery. Samara retains the native charm of Costa Rica in a quaint beach atmosphere that you won't want to leave.