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Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is located on the Pacific Ocean just south of the city of Quepos, 132 km from San José.

The drive is a pleasant three-hours, or a short 20 minute flight. Manuel Antonio was declared a national park in 1972. With its 1,700 acres of land and 135,906 acres of marine reserve, it is the smallest of the 20 national parks the federal government put aside for total protection. Though the smallest, it is the country's most visited conservation area. The park in closed on Mondays.

Manuel Antonio National Park has a series of small beaches and bays surrounded by luscious rainforest: North Espadilla Beach, South Espadilla Beach, Manuel Antonio Beach, Puerto Escondido Beach & Playitas Beach. All of these beaches are safe for swimming, great for diving, exploring coral reefs or surfing.

One of the reasons the area is so popular is the expansive white sand beaches which end at the high tide mark which is also the start of an evergreen forest. There is a large variety of fauna with 109 species of mammals and 184 of birds that inhabit the primary and secondary forests as well as the mangrove swamps and lagoons. The area around Manuel Antonio is the natural habitat of species such as the howler monkey, the endangered squirrel monkey (endemic to the area), white faced capuchin monkey, raccoons, three and two-toed sloths, white-nosed coaties, brown pelicans, black-collared hawks and green kingfishers. Adding biodiversity to the area is wildlife that relies on the 44.5 acres of mangrove swamp. Within the swamp area are three distinct types of mangroves: red mangrove, white mangrove and buttonwood mangrove.

Though the majority of the park is located on the mainland, it also includes 12 small islands just off the coast. The waters are home to a number of dolphins and at various times migrating whales can be seen from the beach or on boat tours.

Activities in and around Manuel Antonio: Hiking, Biking, Gym, Fishing, Wildlife Viewing, Horseback Riding, Shopping, Restaurants, Sightseeing, Swimming, Snorkeling/Diving, Boating, Sailing, Surfing, Windsurfing, Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Shelling, Rafting