Eco-Homes use new architectural techniques with the goal of creating less impact on the environment. Energy efficiency is a key factor for these types of homes. They are built to produce fewer energy emissions while taking into consideration space heating or cooling as well as water and electricity consumption. It has less impact on the environment and utilizes materials and technology that can help reduce the carbon footprint.

There is no doubt that Costa Rica is a country rich in nature. Why waste the natural beauty?

Eco houses are designed to merge with the beautiful landscapes while combining internal and external spaces with nature. This architectural style provides better ventilation and allows natural light to illuminate the house while incorporating pleasant views.

Eco homes include a combination of design, architecture, luxury, elegance, and sustainability efforts. It not only benefits the ecosystem and the community, but it also helps to reduce long-term expenses.

These homes are built with sustainability efforts, for people who are conscious of the ecosystem but still enjoy comfort and a high-quality lifestyle. Please find some properties with certain qualities who would for sure put them in this category

Zen Affordable beach home in a primary location

Zen Affordable beach home in a primary location

The property is situated on the famous Golden Coast of Guanacaste , within the proximity of the popular surfer’s destination Marbella town

Land: 1,847 m2 (20,000 sq.ft.)
Construction: 64 m2 (700 sq.ft.)

Sales Price: US$115,000
ID CODE: 3750
Casa El Yurro Newest Contemporary House in Uvita

Casa El Yurro Newest Contemporary House in Uvita

If you are looking for a contemporary newly built house with an open concept blended in the lush jungle just minutes away from amenities and beach

Land: 842 m2 (0,21 acre)
Construction: 290 m2 (3,122 sq.ft.)

Sales Price: US$480,000
ID CODE: 3745
Turnkey Investment Property with River Front

Turnkey Investment Property with River Front

If your dream is to live in Costa Rica on the beach, surrounded by pure nature, while earning a decent income all year long, you might have just found the perfect solution at a very affordable price!

Land: 1,268 m2 (13,600 sq.ft.)
Construction: 125 m2 (1300 sq.ft.)

Sales Price: US$299,000
ID CODE: 3724
Full of Charm and Character in the Country Hills of Costa Rica

Full of Charm and Character in the Country Hills of Costa Rica

Sitting at 1,350 m. (4,500 ft.) above the sea, with temperatures depicting that “Eternal Spring” that Costa Rica is famous for, this elegant and comfortable residence offers an unmatched rural lifestyle with the comfort of being minutes away from local conveniences.

Land: 3,000 m2 (3/4 acre)
Construction: 500 m2 (5,400 sq. ft)

Sales Price: US$775,000
ID CODE: 3715
Escaleras Eco Friendly Elegance

Escaleras Eco Friendly Elegance

Whether you're looking for a luxury vacation home or an income producing rental, this eco home with incredible ocean views, pool, and great access to Dominical and Uvita is a fantastic option!

Land: 5,720 m2 (1.4 acres)
Construction: 330 m2 (3,550 sq.ft.)

Sales Price: US$975,000
ID CODE: 3580