NEW APM Terminal connects Costa Rica with Europe and Asia

With the Goal of connecting Costa Rica with a wider international market, APM Terminal inaugurated the new Containers Terminal in Moin. For the firs time, Costa Rica will have a direct connection through the port of Moin with markets of Europe and Asia, without the need of transhipments. With this connection with the occidental continent, the Moin Container Terminal (TCM) has set their goal of being the #1 port in worldwide connectivity.

Moin is located in the province of Limón, approximately 152 km from San José and it is the largest and most important port for commercial use of this country since it links the country with European, African and Eastern United States trade.

The project represents a total investment of $1 billion built in an artificial island of 40 hectares where they had to drag the area to create the island where six new cranes can operate easily. The efficiency and productivity will be improved since these new acquisition of cranes will be able to do 180 movements of charge and discharge per hour, reducing the time of shipment and container attention from 40 hours to 15 hours. The region will now be available to also attend many shipments coming from the Panama Channel. Technicians and operators received a top quality training in Brasil, Egypt, Morocco between other countries with high container traffic. There is new high tech, including the most modern shipment scanner of Latin America.

The terminal counts with a 650m2 ( sq.ft.) dock and a container area space full enough to store up to 26,000 containers of 20 feet, including 3,800 refrigerated containers which are key to the Costa Rican economy. Our country is the main exporter of pineapples worldwide and it’s ranked #3 for bananas exportations, this is why the refrigerated containers are also a main factor.

The Costa Rican government hopes that the economy of the area will generate enough sources of employment, since only with the opening of the terminal, 650 direct jobs are generated and it is estimated That in a period of 10 years more than 150 thousand jobs will be generated

APM Terminal will help reactivate the economy in this province, and the country. The Costa Rican government hopes that the economy of the area will generate enough sources of employment helping the community and its surroundings. The opening of the terminal is already generating 650 direct jobs, most of them trained by the National Institute of Learning (INA). It is estimated that in a period of 10 years, more than 150 thousand jobs will be generated. This will create a big impact in the community since the area of Moin has been confronting serious unemployment.

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